TAKE OFF! 2018



Thank you for your participation! The choice was very difficult for the jury.

However, despite all the fabulous projects we had...

We are very excited to announce the 5 finalists of the 2018 TAKE OFF! edition. 

Their projects were the most amazing ones, they are now on the track for the Finals!


Bandung Institute of Tourism

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IESEG School of Management

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Glampers Inn

Bandung Institute of Tourism

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Air Ambassadors

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

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Masakali Voyagers

Institute of Hotel Management

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Discover TAKE OFF! 2018

Each year, AccorHotels gets thousands of students thinking hard, right around the world, with its Take Off! challenge


For the last 6 years, AccorHotels has been challenging students from every corner of the globe with various issues connected with the Group’s activities, such as loyalty programs, F&B services and Jo&Joe brand. Working in teams of 3, the candidates then give free rein to their creativity!



At Accorhotels, we have the ambition to change the historical paradigm of the hospitality industry: it is no longer the customer who comes to the hotel but the hotel that comes to the customer, wherever he is and whenever he wants. Call it Pop-Up Hospitality.


Conceive the perfect Pop-Up Hotel that will move with your groove, wherever you need it!

#pop-up #mobile #newwaysofhosting


We started with a concept called Flying Nest, which recreates a hotel in a few hours on any event. This concept was created using containers.



But the territory of creation is very broad, with several possible solutions: more or less mobile, more or less large, more or less technological, more or less luxurious, etc.

This Pop-Up Hospitality mainly meets needs of Events market, which is broke down into two major typologies

Public Events

Music Festivals

Sports and Culture Events

Tradeshows and Congresses

Private Events


Family and friends events

Birthdays, Christmas...

Market & Players

The market 

It is very seasonal with events grouped mainly from May to September, which raises the issue of activity in low season.

As an example, only festival market represents more than $ 2 billion in 2017 but could rise to $ 3.5 billion by 2020. In the United States, more than 32 million people participated in at least one festival in 2017.

The players

The market is mainly composed of local players, who are not currently able to develop internationally due not logistics, marketing and organization stakes.

The actors play on different designs & experiences to meet client expectations & needs: from tent, glamping, bus, removable Containers, Little Box etc.. from very economic to highly luxury segments.

Main client pain points

Today 2 choices are available to the client:

Leave the event to find quality and comfort but risk and/or cost of transport
- Stay on the event site but with low quality and limited comfort (most of time).

Questions you will have to answer

1. What experience would you like to give the customer?

2. What would your ideal hotel Pop Up look like?

3. What would be your main customer target and your positioning (from eco to luxury)?

4. What are the factors that differentiate your concept from existing competitors in the market?

5. How would you operate (Distribution, Logistics, Food and Beverage...)?

6. Since this market is very seasonal, how could you use your concept in low-peak times?