Challenge Take Off! 2022

This year's challenge has come to an end. Congratulations to the winners!

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Meta Trio Team from Singapore 

Ever wonder the future of hospitality in the Metaverse? We present to you Accor's very first AccorVerse, with the integration of gamification and entertainment to innovatively hire new talents.


Meta Trio Project


Take Off With Us!

Our solution accompanies talents from their beginning to their evolution through the redesign of the selection process. We will also implement a training platform w. courses given by Accor experts.


Take Off With Us!


The core concept of our idea is to design a platform for deaf-mute and blind talents using machine learning. The platform helps them to find jobs, do interviews, and receive training in adapting to their situation.


The Match Makers
Rethinking the hiring process from the beginning to the end, starting by creating a platform that personifies each brand, in order to match the perfect potential candidate.


Savoy Invaders
The idea is to create partnership with popular youtuber to promote Accor hotels, brands, team and philosophy.