Bernaches Awards - 2019

This challenge is open to Accor employees only.


Due to the unprecedented health crisis the world is currently facing, we regret to announce that the Bernaches Awards 2019 edition has been cancelled. This year’s preselected candidacies will be integrated into the next edition.  



Every year since 1989, we have rewarded the outstanding contributions of our employees around the world through our internal recognition program, which is  deeply rooted in the Group's culture.

This ambition is now reaffirmed in a context of transformation and towards the complexity
of the challenges overcome by our teams.


What is an exceptional achievement?

A combination of efficiency, innovation, service excellence and generosity,
beneficial for the Group and perceptible to outside customers.


Individual candidacies 

For individual candidacies, an action or behaviour that goes over and beyond the expectations of the employee’s job/tasks, irrespective of their level of responsibility.

Team candidacies

For team candidacies, a collective action resulting in an outcome that has exceeded the expectations of the organization and of internal or external customers. This outcome is achieved by a cross-departmental team of employees working in collaboration.

The values 

 The Bernaches Awards reward women and men, whose actions are guided every day by the six group values. The appraisal of the candidacies is based on the exceptional nature of the achievements, the values of the group and the cultural transformation, the Heartist® Journey.